Finding the right talent for your business is the key to success, but how do you find and retrain these competitive hires?

The cost of having to constantly hire talent is a huge profit loss for businesses. Complete Employee Services can help your business find the talent you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what the HR pros want you to know about making the right talent acquisition decisions.

Recruiting Talent on LinkedIn and Social Media

Where is your ideal talent located? The answer is: social media.

LinkedIn and other social sites can be ideal places to recruit. Your ideal talent is out there right now looking for work, and you can meet them where they are at.

Get Personal

We’ve started to rely too much on automated application tracking software. Well this does allow us to process more applications, it comes at the cost of not being able to make a personal connection.

You don’t want to lose talent to a company that offered a warmer, more welcoming greeting than your automated software was capable of.

Be Fast, Be Professional

Your ideal talent is likely going to be in high demand. This person is looking for work and that means they are also looking for opportunities with your competitors and other industries.

The average hiring process takes around a month. That’s plenty of time for the right talent to find another opening. Here’s how you can land your prime talent.

  • Your first interview with your ideal candidate should happen within 24 hours of contact
  • Make sure that pipeline isn’t losing efficiency with dead ends and bottlenecks
  • Have your hiring staff ready to present attractive offers within 24 hours of the interview

Hiring Managers Need to Look for This Quality

Hiring managers need to start looking closely at how your ideal candidates fit into where your business is now—and where it’s going.

You should look beyond basic qualifications like degrees, work experience, and employment history. You need to start looking at skill sets, personality, and direction.

Hiring managers Also Need to Stop Doing This ASAP

For years hiring managers have been trained to correlate talent with ROI. However, this is more misleading than it might seem.

Measuring the value of talent in terms of ROI is messy and doesn’t have that one-to-one relationship that we used to think. There’s simply too many factors, both internal and external, to reliably connect one candidate to overall ROI.

Action Items For Your Team

Times are changing, and we need to take new approaches to hiring the right talent for our companies. Here are 6 powerful takeaways from Complete Employee Services that your team should use to improve talent acquisition.

  1. Take advantage Complete Employee Services HR experts that can help your team onboard new talent acquisition strategies
  2. Use social media
  3. Get personal with replies
  4. Be respectful by being quick with decisions
  5. Check to see how talent “fits” into your plans
  6. Stop relying too much on ROI guesses