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We provide a full range of human resources services, which would normally be available only to large corporations. Services are tailored to your individual business…Read More


Keeping an accurate record of time is more difficult than it may seem

Payroll is growing more complicated all the time. Endless reports, changing regulations and penalties for missed deadlines-it can be enough to make a business…Read More


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You have access to expanded benefits at “corporate” group rates while eliminating the headaches involved on administration.Your employees can choose the…Read More


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Reducing workers’ compensation costs while enhancing workplace safety is one of our most valuable services. By including your staff in our larger pool of employees…Read More


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Google has long drawn attention as a great place to work. They have been a forefunner in the search engine and browser aspects of Internet browsing for many years, giving them the competitive edge. However, why is it such a…

When good employees quit, their employers are often left blindsided and scratching their heads. Even when the standard two-week notice (or longer) is given, seeing a valuable employee leave can cause a major disruption in workflow and office morale. The…

It’s normal to wish you had more power while at work. Whether you have a team working under you or not, almost everyone still has a boss (or multiple bosses) that they have to report to and take direction from. But…


Complete Employee Services has allowed me to concentrate on my small business, while they managed my benefits, like a fortune 500 company and helped me to have a human resources infrastructure without all the hard knocks.