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We provide a full range of human resources services, which would normally be available only to large corporations. Services are tailored to your individual business…Read More


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Payroll is growing more complicated all the time. Endless reports, changing regulations and penalties for missed deadlines-it can be enough to make a business…Read More


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You have access to expanded benefits at “corporate” group rates while eliminating the headaches involved on administration.Your employees can choose the…Read More


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Reducing workers’ compensation costs while enhancing workplace safety is one of our most valuable services. By including your staff in our larger pool of employees…Read More


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The pandemic has changed areas of the workplace, including how companies should adjust their hiring strategies. Below we will review some of the top recruitment strategies to head into 2022 to help your firm excel in its future recruitment of…

Just like any industry, human resources has its own trends that come along and shape it. While most of the basics of HR stay the same, there are now other considerations that must be taken into account by HR professionals….

Employee retention. Everyone knows it’s important, but not necessarily how important. Better employee retention drastically reduces the cost of a business, because hiring an employee is far more expensive than simply retaining one. Retaining employees also improves company culture and retains company…


Complete Employee Services has allowed me to concentrate on my small business, while they managed my benefits, like a fortune 500 company and helped me to have a human resources infrastructure without all the hard knocks.