HR Should Support Your Business, Not Hold it Back

The modern business relies heavily on its Human Resources department to keep its employees happy, healthy, and productive. But for too many businesses, HR is a burden. The average company does not employ someone who is formally educated in human resources management, and the result is a disorganized division of the company that is constantly scrambling to keep up with the needs of workers and actually holds them back from reaching their true potential. If this sounds like your situation, don’t lose heart! It really is possible for your Human Resources department to push your business forward instead of holding it back.

Instant Excellence in Human Resources

When you choose to partner with Complete Employee Services, you get a Human Resources department that is:instant_excellence_HR
  • Fully informed about all applicable federal and state laws
  • Experienced across many different industries
  • Equipped to educate and enroll your employees in health and retirement plans
  • Prepared to handle delicate matters relating to termination
  • Easy for your valued employees to work with

It normally takes years of training to build a great HR department. With our help, you can have one instantly and concentrate instead on what your business does best.

The Responsibilities We Shoulder For You

Here is a partial list of the responsibilities that you will no longer have to worry about or spend valuable time untangling as a result of working with Complete Employee Services:
  • Personnel files and recordkeeping
  • Equal Employment Opportunity claims
  • Benefits Administration
  • Health Insurance/COBRA Plans
  • Unemployment Hearings and Claims
  • Handling employee relations issues
  • I-9 Administration

Our staff members are highly trained in all of these and many more Human Resources topics, and that expertise is at your disposal.

Don’t Risk a Human Resources Disaster

Mismanagement of Human Resources issues can lead to legal action devastating to your company. Violations of civil rights, equal opportunity laws, and insurance requirements are serious offenses, and the repercussions could be disastrous. Our services ensure that you not only fulfill your legal requirements, but also make every employee feel valued and appreciated in every interaction.

Make Human Resources Your Asset, Not Your Headache

We are ready to supply a Human Resources department that perfectly fits your company. From hiring to termination, from maternity leave to retirement plans, our experts look forward to working with you to provide all the resources your employees need to be the best they can be at work. To find out more about our services and how we team up with you to offer them to your employees, contact us today.