NC Workers’ Compensation

The often-confusing NC workers’ compensation system has discouraged many business owners and led to very high costs for companies that failed to handle claims correctly. While the topic of workers’ compensation is a dreaded one among many employers, it is not because it they do not want to provide help for the workers that put in a full day’s work every day—it is simply because it is so difficult to find an affordable, simple solution that best serves both the employer and the employee. Instead of spending large amounts of time and money struggling with the various issues under the category of workers’ compensation, North Carolina businesses can partner with Complete Employee Services for expert management.

Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina

As in most states, workers’ compensation in North Carolina requires careful research and a full knowledge of the system on the part of employers who desire to provide a critical safety net for their workers while also saving as much money as possible. A business manager who is unfamiliar with the details of NC workers’ compensation law is likely to enter information incorrectly and overlook factors that can cut insurance premiums by a significant amount.

NC Workers’ Compensation Categorization

One of the most important factors in setting workers’ compensation prices is the categorization of employees. The fees for insuring workers vary by huge amounts based on the kind of work that they do. Obviously, construction workers require higher premiums than office workers, but there are finer distinctions as well—listing an employee under a retail category instead of clerical, for instance, can cost the employer thousands of dollars.

Making NC Workers’ Compensation Work for You

Workers’ compensation in North Carolina should be an asset to both the employee and the employer, not a hassle that the employer dreads having to address. When Complete Employee Services takes the responsibility for your workers’ compensation and other human resources topics (including health insurance, payroll, and tax activities), you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best possible plans and giving your workers the care that they deserve.

Call or email us today to learn more about how our agents work with you as your company’s dedicated human resources department to keep you in compliance with North Carolina workers’ compensation law, handle claims filed by employees, and even help your company with safety training to reduce the risk of workplace injuries occurring at all.