Your Employees Deserve the Best

Your employees work just as hard as those in the country’s largest corporations—often harder, in fact. But they haven’t enjoyed access to the same high-quality benefits and rates. Our system changes all that, making it possible for you to offer your employees unprecedented benefits at special “corporate” rates. Better benefits for your employees translate into huge benefits for you, the employer:
  • Attract great employees with great benefits packages
  • Retain employees who love the benefits that come with their jobs
  • Give employees the customized plans that they deserve
  • Increase productivity by helping your employees be the best they can be

What You Can Expect

Partnership with Complete Employee Services unlocks the door to the kinds of corporate-level benefits that your employees have never before enjoyed. Here are some of the great plans that our clients are now able to extend to their valued workers like never before:
  • Highly desirable health insurance plans, including Prescription Drug Cards, Dental, Vision, and Flexible Spending plans
  • PPO/HMO health insurance plans
  • 401K plans
  • Disability insurance
  • Group term life insurance
  • Section 125 cafeteria plan

Health Insurance Made Simple

The years-long implementation of the Affordable Care Act is just one of the factors that have made health insurance an incredibly confusing HR topic for employers. Our system relieves your managers of the burden of examining competing providers and plans, trying to choose a “one-size-fits-all” option for a diverse group of employees, and handling claim irregularities. Here are some of the specific benefits that our HR representatives offer in this important, complex area:
  • Complete Employee Services is the only PEO in South Carolina to offer Blue Choice, the health plan that includes the high quality, popular Blue Cross/Blue Shield services.
  • Employees covered under our health insurance plans have access to 100% of hospitals and 95% of doctor practices in South Carolina.
  • We offer up to four individual plans for your employees in order to best meet each person’s needs and preferences—no need to choose a single plan for everyone.
  • Our benefits administrators give each employee individual guidance in choosing the best health plan during open enrollment.
  • Employees can choose an HSA, FHA, or copay system to manage their health insurance as effectively as possible.

Our benefits administrators make health insurance simple for both employers and employees—while also offering a full range of different plans, services, and savings options along with expert guidance in making the best possible choices.

What About the Paperwork?

Make no mistake—providing all of these great employee benefits requires a huge amount of paperwork and recordkeeping. But you don’t have to devote countless hours to maintaining those records; it’s all included as part of our service. When employees enroll in a plan, need to change their coverage, or have questions about their policies, our friendly professionals are ready to assist. Your responsibility is simply to focus your attention on growing your business.

Employer Benefits

You will be amazed at the payoff when the burden of maintaining employee benefits is off your shoulders. Perhaps most obviously, the time that you previously had to spend researching benefits and communicating them to your employees is now yours for other purposes. However, there are other major benefits as well:
Mistakes are costly

Making errors when enrolling employees in plans translates into dollars and cents. If your benefits packages are not the best fit for your unique company, or if your employees are not registered correctly, you are probably losing money on a monthly basis.

Our Rates are Lower

Our position gives us (and you) access to rates that are lower than those you would normally pay as a business owner. Better benefits for a lower price—it’s difficult to argue with that!

We look forward to explaining more about how we can dramatically improve your company’s employee benefits. Please get in touch with us today!