At the time of this writing, the global Coronavirus-19 pandemic has taken more than 2.76 million lives from around the world. A pandemic unheard of since the Spanish Flu, countries took turns reacting to the crisis with varying degrees of success. As the United States of America struggled under its political system, countries like New Zealand were experiencing dramatically different realities and the reasoning was simple: leadership enticing belonging.

Today, we are going to look closer at how Prime Minister Jacinda Arden helped to lead an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a positive sense of belonging, a technique that can be seamlessly adapted for today’s corporate environment.

How can instilling a sense of belonging at work help your employees to succeed?

Shared Ownership Leads to Shared Success

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic would render much of the world into a state of shock, sending each country to respond and react how they saw fit to varying degrees of success. For Jacinda Arden, an early focus on uniting the country helped to pull people together. Jacinda would go on to found a platform titled, “Unite Against COVID-19”.

Leaders in the workforce can mirror this type of together-minded thinking to instill positive values and successful strategies. When a roster of employees feels invested in the vision of the company, they will be more invested in their own efforts to bring about success in the office.

Ultimately, sharing ownership in a task allows a team to rally around its collective efforts, boosting and elevating everyone on the roster along the way. In this together just works better!

Provide Clear Expectations & Communication

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacinda Arden had to make clear declarations of expectation. What did she want from her COVID prevention platform? What was she hoping to accomplish while working with her fellow citizens? These questions are incredibly difficult to answer, particularly in dynamic and changing situations. This is not dissimilar to how offices and corporations around the world behave.

Jacinda and the good folks of New Zealand experienced a level of success above other countries because Jacinda and the NZ government delivered clear expectations through open and honest communication. Business leaders from every industry and background can benefit from bringing this mindset to their office.

Clear expectations are especially important now that we have more remote workers than ever. As traditional office employees transition to remote work, they will likely benefit from the extra guidance that comes from a clear-headed and instructive leadership.

Become More Available to Your Employees

In our final point of contention, Jacinda Arden made it clear that availability from the government was going to be a focal point from her administration during the COVID-19 crisis. Arden would hold live streams on social media to check in with citizens as well as to broadcast important messages in a manner that was more accessible.

Leaders who are more accessible to their employees will find higher rates of engagement as well as employee morale. Of course, this just touches on the importance of human resources and management. To learn more, consider working with Complete Employee Services to save time and funding while improving office morale and employee engagement.