Studies have proven that employee recognition programs have an impact on workers’ morale and increase their efficiency and productivity. A significant portion of people today wish that they would be more adequately recognized or appreciated for the work they do. Not recognizing your employees can make them less willing to put in the extra effort needed to help your business succeed. Here are some ways you can applaud your employees and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Be Specific About Why You are Recognizing Someone

It can be cold and impersonal if you simply give a worker a bonus or some form of reward without explaining why you have decided to do this. On top of this, the person receiving the honor may be confused and thrown off because he or she doesn’t know what performance metrics you used to determine success. Whenever you recognize an employee, specify what it is that you are happy about and how that person can continue to be such a valuable asset.

Find Out What Rewards People Want

People will work much harder for something that has a personal impact on his or her life. If you send out a survey asking for feedback on what ways your team would like to be rewarded, they suddenly have a reason to work harder when they learn their ideas are being implemented. This strategy also shows that you are more sincere in your praise.

Use a Variety of Rewards

In addition to becoming boring and tedious, giving out the same type of rewards as recognition has been proven to be less effective because people have different needs from day to day and month to month. Sometimes, offering a bonus will fill a material need, but offering public praise will make someone feel appreciated and honored in front of his or her peers.

Offer Frequent Rewards

Giving an employee recognition as soon as possible after a job well done is important and so is maintaining a regular habit of patting employees on the back. If you have team meetings on a regular basis, use those meetings to recognize several workers every time so that others strive to receive the same limelight.

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