Simply keeping your employees healthy, happy, and productive while on the job encompasses a dizzying range of responsibilities—and that is before you even get to the “real” mission of your business. Too many businesses today realize that they are getting so bogged down in the day-to-day Human Resources issues that they are failing to meet their most important goals. Even worse, mishandling important details like employee safety training and equal employment opportunity laws can cause serious legal problems for your company.

At Complete Employee Services, we offer comprehensive help from courteous, highly trained managers in the following areas. Please call or email us to find out how we can serve your unique business.

Human Resources Management

Our experienced managers take over recordkeeping, hiring/termination responsibilities, unemployment claims, benefits management, and the other time-consuming Human Resources tasks that cause such great difficulty for many business managers. If you do not have the education and knowledge in-house to staff a highly functioning Human Resources department, we are available to do it for you.

Employer and Employee Benefits

Your employees deserve the greatest insurance, retirement, and cafeteria benefits on the market. Instead of wishing you could do more for them, give them access to the best policies and rates by joining us and allowing us to manage your entire benefits program. Enrollment, plan changes, and explanation of policies are all handled by our professionals.

Workers’ Compensation Management

If mishandled, workers’ compensation issues can cause incredible expense and legal headaches for your company. There is no room for learning about this topic “as you go”. Prudence demands that you fulfill your insurance requirements and respond to workers’ compensation claims appropriately. You can trust our highly trained managers to take care of insurance, claims, records, and payments for you.

Payroll Services

Your employees look forward to payday, but you may not. The ever-growing list of regulations, reports, and recordkeeping tasks related to payroll continue to eat into employers’ valuable time, preventing them from focusing on their businesses’ growth like they need to. With our assistance, you can stop dreading the weekly or bi-weekly pay cycle, not to mention monthly and yearly reports.

Business Tax Credits

You may be missing out on “free money” by passing up business tax credits from the state or federal government. We carefully research all current tax credits to find out which ones you qualify for right away and which others you can qualify for with just a few adjustments.

No matter what size your business is, we can help you focus on your core goals instead of spending all your time learning about and attempting to stay on top of these and many other Human Resources duties. We look forward to helping you by shouldering this part of your company’s load and making it possible for you to grow more quickly than ever before.