As a small business owner in SC, human resources may be one of the biggest consumers of your time and energy. After a while, you can start to feel that supervising your employees on the job is the easy part—the real challenges are the health insurance, benefits, workers’ comp, record keeping, tax with holdings, and payroll responsibilities behind the scenes. Within the payroll topic, there are a number of potential issues that can create dissatisfaction between employee and employer if things are handled in a less-than-perfectly-organized manner. Payroll disagreements can even drive away great employees who decide they cannot trust their company’s HR department with their wages and taxes. Below, we highlight a few of the most important payroll problems to know about:


Overpaying/Underpaying Employees

It is complicated enough to get each of your employees paid the right amount after a normal week of work. But you know that very few weeks are “normal”—people come in late, leave early, get sick, work overtime, skip lunch, and otherwise alter the payroll pattern. Missing these small changes during payroll costs either the employee or the employer money in a very direct way. And without a skilled professional carefully recording those changes, rest assured that some of them will fall through the cracks!


Overtime Laws

Fortunately, in the state of SC human resources departments do not have state-specific overtime or leave laws to comply with. However, federal overtime laws apply, and getting overtime pay wrong is simply not an option. Your small business has a legal responsibility to understand, implement, and explain U.S. overtime law. Because overtime pay is so much higher than pay for regular hours worked, this is another area in which your SC human resources department can cost your business money or cause great frustration to your hard-working employees if mishandled.


Wasted Record keeping Hours

Choosing a payroll record keeping system, training your managers and yourself on it, tailoring it to your unique small business, and working out the bugs consume a large amount of time. Once all of that is finished, however, you must still spend time every pay period managing the payroll and ensuring that each employee gets the correct pay. Each year, there are vacation days, sick days, maternity leave, jury duty, and other types of leave to keep track of. Finally, while everyone else is celebrating the dawn of the new year, your HR managers are hard at work preparing W-2s and other tax documents.

All of these tasks add up to a huge number of hours per year, and outsourcing them all to a professional employer organization with a great system and trained personnel already in place lets you spend those hours on other projects.


Morale and Trust

The relationship between employer and employee can either become stronger or fall apart based on payroll. When a worker senses that his SC human resources managers know exactly what they are doing and are committed to paying him fairly, there is a strong element of trust and increased morale. On the flip side, repeated pay discrepancies, incorrect tax with holdings, spotty leave time records, and other inconsistencies destroy that trust. Very few high-quality employees are satisfied to continue working for a business that they do not trust to pay them fairly.


Solving the SC Human Resources Puzzle

You may be the “world’s best boss,” but that does not count for enough when your employees feel that they have to keep their own records and compare their paycheck every two weeks to verify whether they were paid for all the hours they worked. You may be surprised to find out how quickly some employees learn how to use an imperfect record keeping system to get themselves a few extra vacation days. And failing to comply with federal overtime laws is a sure way to lose your best employees.

As a professional employer organization, Complete Employee Services can help your business fulfill its SC human resources and payroll responsibilities to each worker while preventing financial loss through overpaying employees, wasting time with a time-consuming payroll record keeping system, and other mistakes. Browse our website and contact us directly to find out how easy it is for you to cultivate trust and morale among your employees in the area of payroll.