Introducing the Benefits Connection!

The average employee has mixed emotions toward the benefits package that his employer provides. In theory, it is great to have access to doctors, retirement accounts, and special features like flexible spending, but in practice, an employee usually doesn’t have...
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Greenville Workers’ Comp Claims

How to Avoid Greenville Workers’ Comp Claims

For a business of any kind in Greenville, workers’ comp is a “dirty word.” An injury at the workplace can trigger a long process of claims, investigations, fees, and other complications that distract managers from the actual business that the...
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SC Human Resources: Payroll Problems

As a small business owner in SC, human resources may be one of the biggest consumers of your time and energy. After a while, you can start to feel that supervising your employees on the job is the easy part—the...
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Down the Columbia, SC Health Insurance Rabbit Hole

For business owners and managers in Columbia, SC, health insurance has always been a confusing topic. Within the last few years, however, it has become far more confusing, stressful, and expensive. As employers get discouraged about understanding new requirements, choosing...
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North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Tips: Audit Preparation

For business owners in North Carolina, workers’ compensation audits are an unfortunate but necessary responsibility. The dread that many managers feel about these audits largely stems from an unfamiliarity with the complex North Carolina workers’ comp code. But just as...
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Will SC Workers’ Compensation Law Change?

Most business owners—and especially small business owners—break out in a cold sweat when someone mentions the term workers’ compensation. SC businesses find it difficult, confusing, and expensive to try to figure out just what to do about this issue, and...
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