Improving Employee Retention and Office Morale

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of employee engagement and maintaining high morale. The fact is, there’s a good reason for this. Happy, engaged employees are some of the best assets a company can have. Not only are…

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How to Outsource HR the Right Way

Small businesses need the assistance of a human resources department just as much, if not more, than larger businesses do. It’s important to keep a close eye on what’s going on within a business and ensure employees are treated the…

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Benefits of Hiring a PEO

If you run a business, you understand the list of tedious tasks that keep you from putting your undivided attention to more important areas of your business. As a business owner, it can feel like you are wearing 100 hats…

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Why You Need an Automated Timekeeping System

The days of employee punch cards or manual timekeeping are long gone, or at least they should be. After all, one of your biggest goals as a business owner should be to keep business expenses– that is, your overhead costs–…

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Hidden Charlotte Payroll Expenses

Four Hidden Charlotte Payroll Expenses

When you are a business owner or manager, there are “hidden costs” everywhere. In addition to the actual numbers that you see on the spreadsheets, your company is affected by expenses that may never show up there—lost productivity, missed opportunities,...
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Workers Compensation

How Does SC Workers’ Comp Fraud Happen?

In every state of the nation, including our beautiful state of SC, workers’ comp fraud is a massive, expensive problem. The workers’ compensation insurance system has certainly been a critical factor in the lives of the many employees hurt on...
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ten years of creative

Celebrating Ten Years of Human Resources Excellence!

For a decade now, Complete Employee Services has been filling a crucial spot in the operations of businesses throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. From Columbia to Charlotte, payroll to workers’ comp, and hiring to retiring, we...
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New Overtime Wage Rules for White-Collar Employees

Overtime wages comprise one of the most potentially confusing topics for employers in the United States. Within this topic, there are factors that create even more complexity. Exemptions from overtime pay based on salary level, duties, and salary basis can...
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