The average employee has mixed emotions toward the benefits package that his employer provides. In theory, it is great to have access to doctors, retirement accounts, and special features like flexible spending, but in practice, an employee usually doesn’t have the time or knowledge it would take to make the most of those benefits. Many valuable benefits never really “benefit” the employee simply because they are too hard to figure out.

In today’s technologically advanced environment, we think that confusion over employee benefits should be a thing of the past. With the goal of bringing health insurance, retirement plans, and a few extras well within the reach of every employee, we at Complete Employee Services are proud to introduce the Benefits Connection area of our website. Here is what you need to know about this important new service and how it can help both employers and employees.

Organization Is Important

When you visit the Benefits Connection page, the first thing you will notice is how organized and simple it is. It’s not a packet of hundreds of papers, filled with technical information and coverage details. Those factors are important, but the Benefits Connection is designed to help employees get service right away when they need it. From this page, policy holders can:

  • Access information about their BlueChoice health plan
  • Find a doctor in their plan
  • Find dental or vision care
  • Manage HSA and flexible spending plans
  • Manage their retirement plan
  • Get access to immediate medical help

Instead of searching through documents for the appropriate phone numbers, calling during business hours, spending time on hold, and asking agents for guidance, the Benefits Connection lets employees find help and manage policies with the click of a mouse.

Extra Features

The Benefits Connection actually does more than help an employee manage benefits. When the employee needs a service that is not covered under his health insurance plan—an MRI, for instance—the Benefits Connection has the resources to locate the best local price for that service. Our hope is that the employees of our partner companies will discover that this portal is powerful enough to function as their first step in finding whatever medical help they and their families need.

Under the category of retirement plans, the Benefits Connection also gives the employee access to useful financial planning tools. Instead of missing out on retirement savings opportunities, employees can make the most of them with these tools and feel better about their financial security for the future.

Benefits for Employers

How does the employer benefit from partnering with Complete Employee Services to offer this convenient portal? The best employees out there care about far more than the number that shows up on their paycheck. They also care about the work environment, the quality of the relationship between employer and employee…and the kinds of benefits that the job includes. By making these benefits easy to understand and easy to use, you can attract and retain the best of the best as your employees.

Complete Employee Services

The Benefits Connection is just one of the many ways that Complete Employee Services gives employers, including small businesses, a level of Human Resources excellence that has traditionally only been available within very large corporations. The employer and employee login areas of our website contain additional resources to help make administrative tasks simpler, quicker, and less demanding on both employees and employers. In addition to these online tools, our representatives are always ready to provide personal assistance for workers who need help choosing a health plan, understanding difficult topics such as workers’ compensation, utilizing retirement plans, and finding other sorts of information.

In today’s business world, competing effectively means offering great benefits to employees, managing payroll with precision and efficiency, and skillfully navigating complicated insurance topics. However, it also means minimizing the time that you must spend on these administrative details so that you can grow your business quickly. Entrusting your Human Resources department to a professional employer organization like Complete Employee Services is a great way to accomplish all of those necessary tasks at the same time. We look forward to speaking with you and telling you more about how our system can benefit your company and your valued employees.