For a business of any kind in Greenville, workers’ comp is a “dirty word.” An injury at the workplace can trigger a long process of claims, investigations, fees, and other complications that distract managers from the actual business that the company was founded to perform. Avoiding workers’ comp claims is not a simple matter, but there are steps that your management can take to minimize injury risk, educate employees about safety in the workplace, and make your office, warehouse, or construction site a safe place to work. As you read about the following activities, remember that a professional employee organization (PEO) can take over these responsibilities for you, as well as handling Greenville workers’ comp claims that may arise despite your best efforts.


Who Needs Safety Training?

Most people would come up with construction, demolition, excavation, and mining as industries that would require special safety training for employees. It is obviously true that workers who operate around heavy machinery and use power tools need specific education about avoiding injury, and it can be a huge burden for a startup company to provide that education to its workers. Handing safety training off to a PEO, along with the many other human resources responsibilities that come with starting a business, is a great way to shift your focus from the minor details to achieving the larger vision that you have for your company.

However, even if your employees work in a relatively safe environment like a second-floor office, there are training programs that can protect them from injury—particularly in the case of an emergency.


Emergency Training

An emergency response plan is an essential part of any safe workplace. No matter how beautiful, state-of-the-art, or clean your office is, an accident can cause a fire. A tornado, hurricane, or other weather event can damage the building and threaten those inside it. In today’s environment of increasing terrorism and workplace violence, we must even address those unthinkable potentialities. As you move into your new facility and try to get your business off the ground, establishing an evacuation route is probably low on your list of priorities. Complete Employee Services can help you ensure that your workers know how to respond in an emergency before it occurs.


Greenville Workers’ Comp Fraud

Sadly, there are some employees out there who are on the lookout for an opportunity to capitalize on a Greenville worker’s comp claim. They may exaggerate the seriousness of an injury or claim that they suffered an injury at work when it actually occurred elsewhere. Here are two illustrations of fraudulent claims to show just how complicated they can be:

  • Richard has had back pain for fifteen years. It comes and goes, and under normal circumstances he is able to put in a full day of work with the help of over-the-counter pain medications. However, after a year of work at your company, Richard’s back pain gets worse, and he can no longer come in to work. Richard claims that his back pain began this year, while working for your company, and applies for Greenville workers’ comp payments.
  • Melissa broke her ankle at work, and has been receiving workers’ compensation payments for several weeks. Her manager calls her at home to find out when she will be returning to work, and she states that her doctor wants her to stay home for three more weeks. In reality, Melissa’s doctor has cleared her to return to work, but Melissa can’t pass up the chance to enjoy three weeks of paid vacation.

Without some investigation, these employees will draw benefits from your workers’ comp insurance, raising your premiums when they are not entitled to payments at all. With experts in control of your human resources department, your company can get to the bottom of Greenville workers’ comp claims and determine whether or not they are legitimate.


Trusting Greenville Workers’ Comp Experts

Entrusting your company’s workers’ compensation topics to experts will help you both avoid paying for fraudulent claims and prevent legitimate claims in the first place by giving every employee the safety training he or she needs to stay safe in the workplace. Please contact us directly to learn more about how we can help you with this complex human resources topic.