Just like any industry, human resources has its own trends that come along and shape it. While most of the basics of HR stay the same, there are now other considerations that must be taken into account by HR professionals. As the world changes, so must many industries, including HR.

HR Becoming More Important

For businesses, HR used to be a helpful formality. Today, however, much more is asked of HR than in the past, and the department has greater importance in the office. This is especially true in the many industries that have been hiring because of the pandemic. While some sectors have had layoffs, more industries have seen an upturn in employees. More employees mean that more is needed from the HR department and more HR personnel are needed.

A Fluid Workplace

The workplace is changing rapidly, and HR has to keep up with those changes. Many companies today rely on freelancers to do many tasks for them. Freelancers or contract workers are replacing employees at 32% of companies. This can lead to a number of HR complications such as finding the right workers when the position isn’t that of an employee. There is also the need to stay in contact with the workers who are working from home just as the employees who work from the office. All of these trends seem to be here to stay.

The Mental Health of Employees

Today, we know much more about mental illness and other mental health issues. Now that it is losing its stigma, more employees than ever report that they have mental issues. Part of HR’s role today is to pay attention to those mental health problems and to engage in initiatives that encourage the well-being of employees. As an advocate for the health of the employees, mental health is a large part of that concern. They need to work with employees to find solutions that work for them personally as well as to offer them resources to get more help. Instead of being something rarely talked about, it has become a priority for HR personnel.

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