Pay transparency in corporate America has been lacking for, well, as long as corporate America has existed. According to a survey compiled by, a vast majority of responding employees noted that they didn’t feel like they could ask questions concerning their salary. Of those employees in the survey, nearly half of them noted that their manager could not come up with a satisfying answer concerning their salary questions.

Salary and transparency are two issues that have not always gone hand-in-hand in corporate America.

Today, we are going to take a deeper dive into this study to find out what it reveals about our current workplace dynamics as well as the needs manifested by human resource teams.

Closed Doors to Employee Conversations

Discussing pay has always been a touchy subject and one that is often not even broached within the workplace. With that being said, fair pay and equitable standards are becoming increasingly normalized and studies on employee mindsets are confirming this.

According to the survey referenced above, experts believe that both employee pay transparency and pay equity will become dominating factors in the Human Resource space in 2022 and beyond. This mindset is linked in part to the current employee boom and the worker’s market, though the internet and ease of access to information are likely to be considered, too.

To get senior leaders on board with equitable worker’s pay and open salary discussions, companies should work with HR professionals to emphasize how this can strengthen the company. Organizations that want to clean up their books while prioritizing transparency can also consider implementing a pay audit to analyze their books.

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