For business owners and managers in Columbia, SC, health insurance has always been a confusing topic. Within the last few years, however, it has become far more confusing, stressful, and expensive. As employers get discouraged about understanding new requirements, choosing a provider and plan to serve a diverse group of employees, and dealing with claims issues in the future, everyone suffers. Not only do employers waste time trying to sort out health insurance questions, but employees often end up with basic plans that do not sufficiently cover all of their needs. Fortunately, there is a way for employers to sidestep the Columbia, SC health insurance “rabbit hole” and spend their time the way they want to spend it—pushing their company closer to meeting its goals.


Meeting the ACA’s Columbia, SC Health Insurance Requirements

Employers are legitimately concerned—even worried—about whether or not their health insurance policies comply with the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”). The gradual implementation of the ACA’s requirements and ongoing court challenges only make it that much more confusing for employers to figure out exactly what they need to do for their workers.

One great solution is to have a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) function as your human resources department. Complete Employee Services brings to the table a complete understanding of the ACA and the other national and state factors that come into play. Our representatives combine that understanding with the specific operating nature of your business and come up with a range of options that help you not just comply with the law, but serve your employees as well as possible.

In addition to basic plans, we make it possible for employees to set up an HSA or other flexible spending plans, increasing the control that employees can have over their own medical care.


Giving Your Employees the Best

Complete Employee Services has one Columbia, SC health insurance advantage that a business simply can’t afford to ignore. It is the only PEO in the state that makes Blue Choice (including Blue Cross and Blue Shield) plans available to its clients. These plans include all hospitals in South Carolina and 95 percent of doctors’ practices. This versatility is extremely desirable for employees, who place a high value on choice when they think about where they will be able to receive medical treatment.

Our Blue Choice offerings include four different plans. Many employers choose to go with the Master Plan, which gives employees their choice from among all four plans. Each employee’s health condition, family situation, and financial planning philosophy is unique, and our HR representatives give each employee the individual guidance that he needs to make the best personal choice. Of course, a small business with a small number of employees may also elect to only offer one of our Blue Choice plans in order to simplify the health insurance selection process.


Questions for the Future

As complex as it is, selecting Columbia, SC benefits is only the first step in for health insurance. Each doctor visit, hospitalization, and other medically related event creates a claim and many other pieces of paperwork. As you may already know from experience, that paperwork is not always completed or sent to the right place, and the resulting problems create a good bit of work for human resources personnel. Determining the cause of a claim rejection, getting an employee to sign a document that she have overlooked, and rerouting a bill or notification to the correct office are just a few examples of tasks that you, as a business owner or manager, simply don’t need to spend time on. Our HR representatives take care of these and other claims issues, streamlining the process and correcting paperwork errors without burdening you, the employer, with the details.


Helping You Excel at Columbia, SC Health Insurance

It may have never occurred to you that, instead of simply coping with health insurance needs and satisfying the law’s requirements, your company could have a reputation for offering its employees the best Columbia, SC benefits that anyone is aware of. But with the help of our expert representatives, you can do just that. We invite you to call us and discuss your situation to find out how our PEO can turn your business’s human resources department into a success story.