There is one human resources topic that creates perhaps more headache than any other for small business is in Columbia, SC: health insurance. The health insurance landscape is incredibly complex, made even more so with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act over the course of the last few years. In one sense, business owners wish that they could bypass this confusing topic, but at the same time they have a desire to serve their valued employees by helping them protect their health for the future in the best way possible. Here are a few of the biggest concerns that come up when discussing Columbia, SC health insurance for small businesses:


Comparing Different Providers’ Policies

Without a background in the health insurance industry, the typical small business manager or owner stands little chance of successfully comparing the health insurance policies offered by different companies. Copay amounts, deductibles, coverage limits, doctor networks, optional programs, and a seemingly endless list of other factors make it extremely difficult to rank plans from different providers in order of cost, benefits, and value for the employer.
The results of making policy decisions without a thorough understanding of the options could be:

  • Overpaying for coverage that is available from another provider for a lower price
  • Failing to give employees access to valuable options that are available at little or no extra cost
  • Leaving employees without important coverage for present or future medical needs

Poor policy decisions can have long-term negative effects, as many companies do not allow employees to switch plans outside of designated annual “open enrollment” periods. An employee who is signed up for the wrong plan may be forced to wait up to a year before switching to a better one.


Small Businesses, High Premiums

Sadly, the companies that need the most financial help—small businesses—suffer the most when it comes to Columbia, SC health insurance premiums. Insurance providers make the best prices available to large corporations with many employees, while charging small businesses higher rates for the same policies.

There is a great solution to this pricing dilemma: outsourcing health insurance administration to Complete Employee Services. As a service that administers health insurance to a large number of employees at different companies, we can add your employees to our pool and offer them the same benefits they would enjoy at one of those large corporations. This approach gets you and your workers access to the best possible prices for the best policies.


Access to Dental and Vision Plans

In a situation that is quite confusing to many, dental and vision plans are not offered as standard components of most Columbia, SC health insurance policies. Our eyes and our oral health are critical factors in our overall well-being, so why should they be left out of so many health plans? Again, expense is the primary cause. Employers who are attempting to make common sense and financial sense of their health insurance obligations usually have a very hard time making dental and vision plans accessible and affordable for their workers.


Outsourcing Columbia, SC Health Insurance Benefits

Outsourcing these complex human resources responsibilities to a team of experts saves employers time and hassle and, more importantly, opens up a huge number of better options to employees. Instead of presenting inferior, expensive health plans that may not even cover all a family’s needs, allow our experienced agents to match your small business with the perfect insurance provider, the perfect policy options, and the perfect plan for each employee within your company.