For a decade now, Complete Employee Services has been filling a crucial spot in the operations of businesses throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. From Columbia to Charlotte, payroll to workers’ comp, and hiring to retiring, we have truly loved spending our first ten years serving so many great companies in our region. Today, we’d like to give you an overview of just what we’ve been up to and what we have planned for our next ten years…and beyond!

A New Paradigm for Small Businesses

The development of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) system changed a lot of things for small businesses. Startups that previously had to rely on the business owner for all human resources topics were held back by the simple fact that no one person is able to adequately handle payroll, insurance, retirement plans, benefits, and the many other administrative tasks that every business requires. A PEO like Complete Employee Services gives a small business like this a head start, with a fully developed, experienced, friendly staff of agents ready to take over all Human Resources topics.

Health Insurance Changes

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in U.S. health insurance law, to say the least. Companies in North and South Carolina have had great difficulty adjusting to the changes, but Complete Employee Services has helped clients navigate the move and still remain focused on their companies’ primary goals. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the subsequent rule changes for employers, and a few unexpected developments have combined to form perhaps the most significant shift that our personnel have helped local businesses work through during our first ten years of service.

Columbia and Charlotte Payroll Activities

It would certainly be eye-opening if we were able to calculate just how much money we have saved for our client businesses in the form of avoided payroll errors. Each time a manager accidentally awards an extra vacation day, fails to make note of unpaid leave, records too many hours, or makes another type of mistake, either the employer or the employee loses money unfairly. We have helped managers avoid payroll mistakes and the associated friction between employee and employer for ten years by accurately maintaining payroll records, distributing checks and direct deposit payments on time, and producing tax documents that correctly reflect the payroll activities of the past year, month, or other specified period.

The area of payroll has also seen significant legislative changes in the recent past, most recently in the form of new limits on white collar overtime payment extensions. Each time a change like this takes place, employers must either conduct research and take steps to comply with the law, or hand those duties over to the professionals at a PEO like Complete Employee Services.

Better Benefits = Better Employees

One of the biggest ways in which we have helped our SC and NC clients is by making it possible for them to attract new employees of a much higher quality than they would have been able to reach on their own. A highly skilled employee is interested in a great health plan, retirement savings options, and hopefully a few welcome additional benefits. When a young business is able to offer all of those benefits, employees with experience and great skills get excited about joining the team.

The reason that few small companies are able to attract those sorts of workers is simple: they do not have the education and management skills in-house to offer those benefits. In fact, the small management team leading the company may feel that it is barely holding its head above water trying to comply with regulations concerning payroll records, taxes, health insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage. Complete Employee Services puts all of these responsibilities in the hands of its trained, friendly agents so that you and your employees can move ahead with the company’s growth full speed ahead.

The Next Ten Years

If the last ten years—or the current election cycle—have taught us anything, it’s that it is futile to attempt to predict what’s going to happen over the next few years in terms of legislation, the political landscape, and regulatory changes for the way businesses are run. All we can say for sure is that we will be at the side of each of our client employers, researching new developments and devising strategies to help them respond in the best way possible.

If you would like more information about Complete Employee Services and our payroll, workers’ comp, health insurance, and other Human Resources services, please get in touch with us today!