The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era that had otherwise not been seen by the modern world. Not since the Spanish Flu in 1912 has the planet been beholden to a viral outbreak that rendered much of the world stagnant. As the COVID-19 continues on, businesses and employees around the world are learning the importance of remote working while maintaining positive employee morale.

According to a report published by Upwork, nearly 25% of American workers will be working on a remote basis. This massive change to the workplace structure can lead to serious bumps in the road, including a disaffected workforce that feels disconnected from their position.

Simple Steps For Boosting Morale in Remote Employees

While there are significant positives that come along with working remotely, there are serious downsides that need to be weighed and measured. A study reported by Forbes revealed that nearly 80% of remote workers had trouble unplugging from work while working-from-home. The potential mental health downsides involved with this situation can be serious.

To offset potential issues while creating an engaging and supportive workplace for your remote employees, consider engaging in the following practices.

Emphasize Clear and Consistent Communication

The easiest way for an employee to feel disconnected from the larger picture is by leaving them out of the loop entirely. Remote workers who you do not see on a day-to-day basis will still require and benefit from steady and clear communication. There are plenty of ways to approach this task in today’s modern workplace, so let’s highlight a few steps that modern managers can take.

  • Include Remote Workers in All Announcements
  • Attach Remote Employees to Company-Wide Emails
  • Utilize a Team Communication Platform

Hire a Human Resource Department

Whether we are discussing a Fortune 500 company or an aspiring start-up, having an adequate Human Resources department is of the utmost importance. Human Resources is the thread that connects your business, employees, and management to the benefits, services, and payroll that they are due. Outsourcing Human Resources to a team like Complete Employee Services will provide a slew of benefits both to management and to the morale of your remote employees.

Here is what Human Resources can do to improve employee morale.

  • Makes Scheduling Easier For Employees
  • Provides a Point of Contact For Employee Questions/Concerns
  • Make Accessing Benefits & Payroll More Convenient
  • Allow For Critical Feedback in a Judgement-free Space

Consider Remote Team Building Activities

Communication and team collaboration are two of the best ways to actively improve employee and team morale. Engaging in digital activities on company time can help to boost employee contentment while creating a stronger and more tightly-knit team.

There are plenty of ways to engage with your remote team through fun digital activities, so let’s highlight a few options to consider.

  • Connect Online Through Team Building Platforms (Trello)
  • Hold a Digital ‘Social Hour’ Through Video Chat
  • Try a Virtual Escape Room Together
  • Host a Virtual Movie Night Over Video Conferencing

Boost Business Morale With Assistance From Complete Employee Services

Complete Employee Services has been serving businesses of all sizes with Human Resources solutions for more than a decade.  Today’s modern business environment relies heavily upon the human resource department to adequately service the needs of employees at every level.

With help from the professionals in Human Resource Management at CES, your team can enjoy:

  • Modern Human Resource Department
  • Prepared For All Federal and State Laws
  • Educate / Inform Employees Regarding
    • Health / Retirement
    • Payroll and Benefits
    • Delicate Issues Including Termination
  • Promote + Solidify Positive Employee Morale

Contact Complete Employee Services today to explore the benefits of working with an outsourced human resources department.