Why Outsourced HR Makes Sense for Your Organization and Its Employees

You can’t run a business without human resources. As essential as these functions may be, however, they can also bog an organization down in some damaging ways. If you find that your team spends too much time wading through paperwork hassles, correcting HR errors, hiring the right employees, or struggling to conform to the necessary standards, you should give serious thought to engaging an outsourced HR provider. Let’s examine some key benefits you can enjoy once you start outsourcing your HR functions.

Greater Cost Efficiency

How much is it costing you to keep a permanent in-house HR team on staff? A typical business might pay an HR professional $75,000 in salary, not including the benefits package it would take to retain a high-quality team member. When you outsource your HR, that financial burden gets shifted onto the shoulders of the outsourced HR company who actually employs the HR professionals. The skills and experience of the HR company can also ensure that you spend your hiring and training money on the new hires most likely to help your business thrive.

Enhanced Staff Productivity

Your business might not currently be in a position to maintain a separate HR staff at all — in which case, you and your team members are probably working double-duty to perform these critical, time-consuming tasks. This arrangement saps your employee’s energy and diverts their attention away from what they were really hired to do. To make matters worse, the split focus and lack of expertise encourages the commission of costly errors. An outsourced HR provider takes those functions off of your plate so you can enjoy greater productivity while also ensuring that the HR work gets done correctly the first time.

Higher Standards of Compliance

Legal and professional compliance standards abound in the business world. Laws and requirements regarding taxes, wages, and other key employment issues are constantly in flux. If your in-house team can’t keep up with all of these moving parts, you could find yourself on the wrong end of crippling lawsuits, penalties and fines. Thankfully, an outsourced HR company adheres to the latest compliance standards as a key element of its everyday work. Outsourced HR experts can advise you on your current practices and policies while helping you make any necessary internal adjustments to keep your organization complaint.

Attractive Employee Benefits

Good employees demand good benefits. Smaller businesses, in particular, may find it difficult or impossible to offer attractive benefit options due to financial limitations and administrative complexities. Even if they can offer robust benefits packages, they may have trouble presenting those benefits in an accessible manner. Many outsourced HR companies have the resources and connections to provide a wider range of employee benefits for your team. They can also help you administer those benefits more smoothly and professionally.

Streamlined Hiring Processes

Securing new, high-quality talent for your organization requires more than just an attractive benefits package, as important as that element may be. You must establish and maintain a smooth, consistent hiring process that draws the top candidates and keeps them onboard until they’ve signed on the dotted line. Outsourced HR companies are experts at creating compelling job descriptions, running effective interviews, and picking out a short list of stellar talent for your final selection.

Effective Employee Monitoring and Management

Even the finest employees may flounder in their new jobs if your organization fails to bring them up to speed, track their progress, and notice any issues that might require adjustment. This ongoing monitoring and management can prove more than many small, understaffed businesses can adequately handle on their own. You’ll find that outsourcing these HR functions yields much better results. Your outsourced HR provider can smooth out the onboarding system for new employees, monitor their performance, report to you on potential challenges, and generally help you get the most out of your team.

If you’re ready to make these advantages available to your organization, reach out to Complete Employee Services. We’re more than happy to help you reach new heights by enhancing your human resources!