Any company that wants to be profitable must have happy and productive team members. In order to achieve this, the team must have certain mannerisms in place to ensure the team is happy and productive in the long term.

A culture that makes the whole team feel included

A happy and productive team is one in which people feel free to speak openly. Having an inclusive culture does mean all team members need to agree with each other all the time. Instead, an inclusive culture is one in which people are encouraged to openly debate new ideas and come to a conclusion on how to move forward in a manner that benefits the teams’ mission. The more team members feel welcomed to bring new ideas to the table on how the work should be accomplished, the more the production the team will become. An inclusive team culture will help improve the happiness of the group as everyone will feel as though they contribute to the process.

Strong leadership

Any team that is happy and productive is most likely lead by a supportive leader. Leaders who take charge by micromanaging the staff typically never have a happy and productive work team. A good team leader knows how to support the team to be successful on their own but also knows how to jump in and lend a hand when things get tough. Groups that feel leadership helps them are the most productive.

A happy team is encouraged to learn

When team members are offered opportunities to learn and grow professionally, they will be happier and more productive. It is essential for all team members to feel that the organization they work for puts in time, money, and energy on the team members’ careers. Also, by providing learning opportunities, the team members will grow professionally and contribute new skill sets to the organization.

Provide the team with the tools and technology to succeed

There is nothing more frustrating to employees than wanting to be able to achieve their objectives but not having the tools needed to get the job done. Leadership must take the time to learn what tools are required by each team member to do their job and then work to make sure those tools are available. If there is a tool needed for the position that the team member is not familiar with, they should be professionally trained.

When mistakes are made, they are handled properly

Even if you have the happiest and most productive team in the world, there are always going to be instances when a team member makes a mistake. When people make mistakes, it is essential not to make them feel like it is the end of the world, and their job is now at risk. Instead, the error should be acknowledged, and the team should use it as a learning experience to avoid the mistake in the future. Once it has been addressed, the team should quickly move on.

Give out recognition when it is due to the team

There are many ways to reward team members, and it is essential to offer employees a comprehensive benefits package. However, it is crucial to recognize team members when they achieve a significant goal or go above and beyond by praising the team member for the extra work in front of other team members. Public recognition is often looked over by companies, but it can go along away in keeping team members happy and productive.