Google has long drawn attention as a great place to work. They have been a forefunner in the search engine and browser aspects of Internet browsing for many years, giving them the competitive edge. However, why is it such a great place to work? Find out below!

Data Driven

Anytime Google makes a decision to change something in their business model or how they operate, it’s all based on data. Becaues Google gathers so much data, they are able to make smart informed decisions that benefit both the company and its employees.

A Vast Number of Amenities

Google has worked hard to make their company a place their employees enjoy being. This includes supplying breakfast, lunch, snacks and other food, video game stations, table sports like table tennis and foosball and even nap pods. Other amenities available at work include a pool, gym, hair salon, dry cleaning, massages and basic health and dental checkups provided onsite.

Encourage Creativity

Google encourages their employees to think creatively and offer their own solutions to problems and how things are done. This open environment gives employees a level of autonomy they may not have at other companies. Employees aren’t chained to their desks. They can work in beanbag chairs, lounge areas, the cafeteria or anywhere else they feel most productive.

Unique Hiring Process

Google looks for employees who are self-driven, fun, creative and outspoken. Each year, the company receives about two-million applications and must narrow down the choices. If recruiters aren’t impressed with the application within the first six seconds, it”s rejected. Candidates are further narrowed down through a rigorous process. In addition to the right skills, recruiters are looking for a personality that fits well with the Google work atmosphere.

Happiness Is Key

Human resource is known as “People Operations” at Google to make it sound more friendly. This department uses data to take a proactive approach to ensure the happiness of employees. For instance, when Google noticed a higher turnaround rate for women, they looked at data and noticed most were new mothers, which led to the implenetation of a generous maternity leave policy.

Open Communication

Rather than using a tiered hierarchy like many other companies, Google allows employees on any level to easily communicate with anyone else, allowing for a more open communication policy. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and collaborate. This is achieved by hiring individuals who show a willingness to share what they’re thinking and work together.

Core Values Are Clear

Google has always been clear what their values are and what the expect of their employees. They have a list of 10 core values clearly listed on their website. These values ensure the company is able to find employees who share those values for a more like-minded work environment.

Innovation Is a Priority

Google works hard to stay at the forefront of technology and wants employees who do the same. This is why the hiring process involves identifying those who have innovative minds. They also host regular pep talks to encourage employees to think outside the box and share their ideas with the company. Best of all, they offer incentives for doing so.

Great Financial Support

Working for Google offers a generous wage for your work, but that’s not all. They also offer personal finance assistance to ensure employees are on solid financial ground. Their onsite financial advisors can help with topics such as debt, taxes and investments.

Mobility within the Company

When you work for most companies, besides the usual advancements, most people are relatively stuck in the job they were hired into. This isn’t so with Google. They encourage career mobility, allowing individuals to move more easily within the company and offering assistance, such as training and recruitment, allowing the company to utilize each employee’s strengths and weaknesses appropriately. This improves employee retention.